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RE: removing duplicates based upon an excerpt from the msg. body

2006-02-11 12:15:13

This part, you don't need two 'tr' commands for.  Just use

 tr -cs '[:alpha:][:digit:]' '_'

Good to know.  Thanks.

Also, it's easy enough to match the first bit of body in native
procmail and feed that to tr, reducing the external programs,
although of course formail is not a biggie.

We had a thread about three years ago where we figured out efficient
ways to find the first X chars of the body in just procmail --
in case you feel like scouring the archives.

Also, good to know, but in my case, I'm interested in matching not
against particular, statically known, message body strings, but
rather a cache of recent message body prefixes.  Therefore, resorting
to some sort of persistent external database like a formail cache,
seems required.  Also note that this path is only for a small subset
of the mail that I receive, so performance isn't an issue.

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