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How to use variables as the action line?

2006-02-15 00:55:48
Thanks everyone for the help.  I'm trying to step back a bit and just 
write a simple recipe that pulls the action line from a variable, since 
I think that was hinted at possibly helping me achieve my goal.  I'm 
not sure whether to enclose the variable in braces, but it doesn't seem 
to work whether I do or not.



procmail: Assigning "ACTION=!disposable@"
procmail: Assigning "LASTFOLDER=! disposable@"
procmail: Opening "! disposable@"
procmail: Acquiring kernel-lock


procmail: Assigning "ACTION=! disposable@"
procmail: Skipped "$ACTION }"
procmail: Missing closing brace


How can it be missing the closing brace when it's right there?  I'm 
tempted to point a webcam at the closing brace so my computer can see 

I also tried putting a closing brace inside the variable definition but 
I still got the "missing closing brace" error.

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