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Re: Maildir files getting mangled

2007-01-08 19:18:05
Philip Nelson schreef:

G'day, I've got a problem where my email files in users Maildirs get
messed up. The very top of the file has a few 0x00s, then the bottom
of a different email, then the real email. Obviously the headers are
messed up (not at the top of the file) so email clients don't read
the email properly.

This is only happening to users root Maildir folder (Inbox). It only
happens to a few emails, not all. I use procmail to direct emails to
different maildir folders - it's never happened to a different folder
that procmail has directed mail to.

Show the relevant procmail code.

The Maildirs are on a nfs mount (ext3). I use fetchmail -> exim ->
procmail -> courier. Am I right in thinking it's procmail that is
actually writing the maildir files?

So I'm not sure if procmail or something else is to blame here - but I
don't know where else to look (exim guys reckon it's a probably a
procmail problem).

What other processes are writing to the same folder?

Put something like

  MAILDIR = "$HOME/Maildir"  #  adjust, and make sure it exists

  :0c  #  maildir-type delivery, so no no locking

as one of the first things, so you can check.

Groet, Ruud

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