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Re: IMAP required user/pass that never match

2007-01-20 11:37:42
At 01:48 2007-01-21 +0800, DR. Lee - NS3 wrote:
I got a SuSE Linux 10 and installed the OS, DNS and sendmail. I can get
the sendmail going within the SuSE Linux and when I access it from
Outlook of MS Window using IMAP account or POP account, it will pop out
a window asking for username / password.

Procmail isn't a POP or IMAP server or client.

In SuSE Linux, it said that one can configure the /etc/ and
/etc/mail/ using a m4 command:

Procmail isn't sendmail either.

I respectfully submit you've chosen the wrong place to post about your 
email woes.

  Sean B. Straw / Professional Software Engineering

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