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Re: Subject Rewrite and Move

2007-01-13 23:03:48
On Sat, Jan 13, 2007 21:53:34 PM +0100, Dallman Ross
(dman(_at_)nomotek(_dot_)com) wrote:

   * ^To:(_dot_)*(_at_)domain\(_dot_)com
   |sed -e 's/^Subject:[   ]*/Subject: [DOMAIN] /'

   :0 A:   # use the colon for lockfile unless $DOMAIN is a dir

(Note, also, the "i" flag I added.  You may find you need it, to
stop the pipe from closing prematurely on long messages.  The "h"
flag causes the change only to apply to the header; don't bother
piping the whole message through sed!  Oh -- and you don't need to
quote the "@" sign.)

unless he *wants* to match on him(_at_)domain(_dot_)com but *not* on
him(_at_)subdomain(_dot_)com, right?

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