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Forwarding only INBOX after all other processing

2007-01-24 12:55:58
Hi, I've got what I suspect is a simple procmail question.

I've a user who'd like me to forward only his INBOX, after all of
the other mail processing is done (he sends various things to
different folders before they hit the INBOX).

Looking around on Google, the FAQ, and the mailing list archives, I 
found a lot of things like this:

Q: How can I forward a message but still leave a copy on the server? Or, 
how can I forward a message and not leave a copy on the server?

A: Rephrase: Forward a copy, then proceed with normal delivery (which 
ends up saving to your normal inbox on the server, unless other 
subsequent Procmail recipes in your .procmailrc are triggered, and end 
up delivering the message elsewhere).

        :0c                     # That's colon, zero, lowercase cee
        ! self(_at_)other-place(_dot_)net       # That's exclamation mark, 
address to   
                                  forward to

But I haven't found anything for how to forward an IMAP INBOX only
after other mail processing is done.

I'm using SunOS 5.8, procmail v3.22, and sendmail 8.12.5.

Normally, I'd just tinker until it worked, but I've had some bad 
experiences creating mail loops with procmail, and I'm more than
a little leery of doing so again.


Patrick Baldwin
Systems Administrator
Studsvik Scandpower, Inc.
1087 Beacon St.
Newton, MA 02459

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