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RE: Procmail for checking outgoing e-mail?

2007-01-28 01:06:45


Sean wrote:
Personally, I appreciate that the developers of Sendmail have resisted 
attempts to make it easier for outfits to programmatically snoop on the
communications of their users.

I've no interest whatsoever in snooping on anyone.  What I do want to do,
is kill off the emails that I absolutely know are spam/virii/similar trash.

Me too. However business life is cruel and the way to handle this is to
ask the staff right from the day they join the company that no private
mail should use company domain name and e-mail system and the company
has the right to investigate all mails in and out. Be a bad guy in the
front, so to speak.

In Asia, the IP issue is a nightmare and the company has made a decision
to trap all e-mail with attachment and have someone examine it before
going out; hence my question. I am sure you will not be amused if I tell
you that virtually all the source code of all software developed walk
out in its own!

Wm. Vance schreef wrote:

With a smarthost, there is one more server between you and the net.

We have a e-mail and dns server hosted with the telecom authority and
have an internal server in house. I guess this internal server must be
the smarthost you are talking about; just I do not know the terminology.

The smarthost is another box that your internal server feeds mail to.  The
smarthost is called that because it knows where to send stuff that your
internal server doesn't know about.  The smarthost could be either your
firewall machine, your ISP, or possibly both, if your firewall also
references your ISP as a smarthost for itself.

knowing nothing more about it, I was attempting to  find out exactly what sort
of setup he was talking about, and what details would be required to get it

I have been follwoed Sean's advice and change the queue of
our internal server and it seems work fine. The mail goes into
/var/spool/mqueue and then I (for now) manually move the qf and df file
to the /var/spool/clientmqueue and then issue a sendmail command to

Now I am studying how to write the procmail script to do the move them
authomatically. All I want is to find those mail with attachment.

Kwang-Fuh Lee.

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