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Re: IP regex

2009-02-19 21:57:59
On Thu, 19 Feb 2009, Professional Software Engineering wrote:

At 21:28 2009-02-19 -0500, Fleet Teachout wrote:
For example (made up) the range of IPs is:
The following should work to specify a 0-255 value, allowing for optional leading zeroes on values which might otherwise be represented in single or double digits:


Thank you.

And is they *any* way to test a regex in actual procmail format? Grep/egrep differ enough that I'm never sure I've got it right.

Sandbox it and throw a known range of values at it.

Ok. I have had a sandbox for years; but I only know how to use 'formail -s procmail ~/sandbox/test.rc < ~/Mail/backups/backup' I can change the input of course; but this presumes a mail format. If I create a data file of IP ranges, can I use procmail directly to look at that data file?

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