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Re: What to do about the SPF domain name

2005-08-01 08:01:20

As I pointed out before the vote, having seperate domains for each
version is a suboptimal approach. There are better ways of doing it:


This is about branding and consistency for users. I agree that it
would be nice if the domain were transferred and this became a
nonissue. The site that the world is going to can be updated so there
is no particular urgency on this.

I would suggest that a reasonable timeframe/deadline be set and if the
domain isn't transferred we move on to another domain name. I'm not
particularly enamored with spfclassic.org because we then go through
this process again each time (unless we learn from history) we have a
new version (how about spfnextgeneration.org...just kidding). Let the
council pick a name or draw it out of a hat for all I care. Let's not
confuse style with substance.

As usual, just my 2 cents.

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