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[spf-discuss] SMTP Question

2005-08-26 15:24:11

I thought I would ask those on this list that are far more knowledgeable about 
the RFCs and real eMail standards than I a question:

I've seen postings where people say that you cannot do SPF checks on the From address that's in the data (what a lot of clients display) because you cannot interrupt the data with an error. However, can't you return an error AFTER the data command is complete? For example instead of: "250 2.6.0 Queued mail for delivery", return "5xx some error message" instead?

I realize that you would have still temporarily stored the message (maybe not based on the implementation, you may have seen the failure your looking for fairly early then just pretended to accept the rest of the data). But won't this return an error to the sender in the same fashion as returning an error after the "mail from" or "rcpt to" command? I thought it would. This should not break the "chain of custody" as required by the RFCs as you never returned a good return code as to having accepted the message (I think anyway).

Please let me know if this is correct... I don't mean to get flamed here, I have just been thinking about some issues between several of the eMail "anti-Spam" and "Authorization" solutions different people are talking about (on this and other mailing lists) and knowing this may help understand some of the points different people are attempting to make. Most of the people on this list seem to know more real RFC based information than most of the other mail lists I get.


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