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[spf-discuss] urgent request

2007-04-24 11:44:28

As you may or may not know: I am (one of) the support engineer(s) answering
support requests from users (http://www.openspf.org/Contact)

Due to personal stuff I no longer have time available for this, and
apparently the other members of the team are busy as well.

If you have the experience, the guts, the time and the patience to answer
support requests, please contact Koen ( "Koen Martens" 
<spf(_at_)metro(_dot_)cx> )
and become an active member of the SPF support team.  The current backlog
is reduced to ten tickets, no older than five days.

If you desire so, I will be available (on and off!) as a backup in case
you need assistance.


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