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2007-12-09 18:44:24
Y'all are going to hate me.  Section 4.3 clearly spells out what 
happens for a too long label in MAIL FROM.  However, for domain-spec,
we have the following:

Several mechanisms rely on information fetched from DNS. For these DNS 
queries, except where noted, if the DNS server returns an error (RCODE 
other than 0 or 3) or the query times out, the mechanism throws the 
exception "TempError". If the server returns "domain does not exist" 
(RCODE 3), then evaluation of the mechanism continues as if the server 
returned no error (RCODE 0) and zero answer records.

A too long label, as well as an empty label, return error codes from
the resolver.  It can never return a code from the server, because neither
empty nor too long labels can be represented in DNS query packets.
So the behaviour is not explicitly specified.  The test suite currently
allows either temperror or no-match.  Are we really justified in
requiring no-match?  It seems logical by analogy with 4.3, but I think
it needs an official errata.  If fact, there is a proposed errata (for
empty label, but should apply to long label as well) - but it
requires permerror!!

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