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Concordance with XSLT

2005-11-03 13:46:55
I am in the investigation stage of a project where the client wants a
concordance of a Bible. The concordance would be exhaustive, except for
words like "a", "the", "and", etc. We would supply an exclusion list. My
main question is this: given an XML version of the Bible, could this be done
practically with XSLT?

For those not familiar with a Bible concordance, it is an alphabetical list
of words that occur in the Bible. Each each occurance of the word is listed
next to the Bible reference. Here is a small example for the word "man".

Gen 3:22, the m. is become as one of us.
Gen 8:21, for m. sake.
Num 23:19, God is not a m.
Neh 6:11, should such a m. as I flee?
Job 5:7, m. is born to trouble.
Job 10:4, seest thou as m. seeth?
Job 11:12, vain m. would be wise.
Job 14:1, m. that is born of a woman.
Job 15:7, art thou the first m. that was born?
Job 25:6, m. that is a worm.
Job 33:12, God is greater than m.
Ps 10:18, the m. of earth.
Ps 49:12, m. being in honour abideth not.
Ps 89:48, what m. is he that liveth?
Ps 90:3, thou turnest m. to destruction.
Ps 104:23, m. goeth forth to his labour.

Notice that the word in question is abbreviated and the context is shown. It
would be useful to be able to specify how much context is shown on each side
of the word.

The second question, is there someone on the list that might be interested
in doing this for hire. Thanks in advance.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

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