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RE: [xsl] parser error with CDATA string '&a'

2008-03-01 09:27:35

When you say it doesn't work, in what way does it not work?

I try to transform it with an xsl-sheet that copies its most 
part into a new document and makes changes on just some few 
nodes. And that doesn't work because Saxon throws the error reported.
I must not change &a to & within the uri because the 
server won't be able no more to fetch the GET parameter "a" 
from the uri. 

On the contrary, you MUST change the &a to & (or put it in CDATA, which
is equivalent) because otherwise the server won't be able to do anything
with it at all. 

Isn't it really possible to copy the string as CDATA?

Yes, it is possible. The version you showed with CDATA looked correct. You
must have made an error somewhere else that you haven't shown us. That's why
we need to see exactly what you are doing and exactly how it fails.

Michael Kay

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