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Re: [xsl] Use of data() function

2008-03-05 06:42:20
Andrew Welch wrote:


If the schema is modified to give person mixed content:

<xs:complexType name="person" mixed="true">

and then you re-run the transform after making just that one
small change

  Well, I wouldn't say that changing a complex type from element-only
to mixed content is a "small change."  That means for instance that
from validating elements that look like:


you allow now the following:

    <person>Hi, my first name is <first>John</first>,
      and my last name is <last>Doe</last>.  How are
      you today?</person>

  Not quite the same beast...

  I think that is clear that it could be legitimate to ask for the
textual value of the last example, while the first example should not
be view without its structure (but of course you can explicitly ask for
using text()).



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