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Re: [xsl] Self-closing elements upset some browsers

2008-03-14 10:22:24

Incidentally David, the problem with empty script elements, that is <script
href="" /> style, was exhibited by Firefox.

If you send the file as text/html firefox will parse it as html (and the
above is an html syntax error)

If you send (an identical) file as text/xml or application/xhtml+xml or
related x(ht)ml mime types firefox will parse it as xml and render it as

A more (or as) significant difference is that HTML's script element is
CDATA so (if you are using the form with inline script in the element
content)you can write a javascript numeric test as a < b but xhtml's
script element is PCDATA so the test has to be written a &lt; b .
(again there are tricks with comment and <![CDATA[ syntax to make the same
file valid for both uses, if you must)


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