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Re: [xsl] AltovaXML bugs? (and other engines)

2009-04-03 09:18:40
Michael Ludwig schrieb:
Michael Kay schrieb am 02.04.2009 um 00:03:44 (+0100):

The "framework" is thus essentially the catalog format. I don't
think there would be any problem in publishing the catalog format
(syntax and semantics) used by the W3C XSLT test suite, it's only
the actual tests that are problematic.

Well, if the XSLT catalog is different from the published XQuery
catalog, why not use it as the base of an open test suite for XSLT?

Thanks Michael, David, Tony for your replies and pointers to existing
test suites.

I think it's worth while waiting for the W3C XSLT people's decision
on whether or not to publish the catalog format. (Also, long awaited
sunshine and warm weather make immediate action impossible.)

Michael Ludwig

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