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Re: [xsl] text replacement with mixed content

2011-08-31 05:59:43
On 31/08/2011 11:55, Andrew Welch wrote:

meanwhile I was trying this one

<p>my foo, zzz, my <bold>foo</bold>, zzz</p>
<p>zzz my f<b/>oo zzz m<z>y f</z>oo zzz</p>
<p>zzz my f<b/>oo zzz m<z>y f</z>o<j>o my foo</j> zzz</p>
<p>zzz my<b> fjjj</b></p>
<p>zzzzz<b>my </b></p><p><b>foo zzz</b></p>


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