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Re: [xsl] A use-case for xsl:merge?

2019-02-15 13:46:02
Hi Martin,

I don't know where vAlign came from, please disregard that attribute.

Regarding whether the elements are known, they are, but they are different
for every tag. Draw is just one example. So I'd like a generic approach as
much as possible.

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On 15.02.2019 20:08, John Dziurlaj john(_at_)hiltonroscoe(_dot_)com wrote:

<draw name="Text1" usehref="/proto/draw[name = *'TextStyle1'*]">


<draw name="*TextStyle1*" w="29.2864mm" h="5.2331mm">

The expected result is a combination of all the elements under draw
(order of occurrence at any level does not matter). If an element or
attribute is defined by both the prototype and its referrer, the
referring particle should take precedence.


<draw name="Text1" vAlign="top" h="5.2331mm" w="29.2864mm">

Where does the vAlign="top" come from?

Are the possible child elements and their attributes or even grandchild
elements known?

Can it happen that there are several of those elements (e.g. several "font"
or "value")?
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