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Re: [xsl] A use-case for xsl:merge?

2019-02-15 14:01:46
The element prototypes can be in the same document or different documents,
but for the purposes of the XSLT3 we are only concerned with merging the
external references, such that we have a fully dereferenced (i.e.
standalone) XML instance.

I already have code to pull in the external references (prototypes) and run
the XPath (via evaluate) on them. I've put all the code on GitHub to
hopefully make this easier to understand.


The code as it stands replaces the referring element with its prototype,
instead of merging it.


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On 15.02.2019 20:46, John Dziurlaj john(_at_)hiltonroscoe(_dot_)com wrote:

Regarding whether the elements are known, they are, but they are
different for every tag. Draw is just one example. So I'd like a
generic approach as much as possible.

Are the elements like "Draw" and the prototypes they refer to in the same
XML document or in different ones?
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