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[xsl] W3C specifications on GitHub

2019-10-24 12:46:32
Some of you may be aware that the W3C specifications (source XML plus build 
scripts as well as published HTML) were moved a while ago from the W3C servers 
to GitHub: https://github.com/w3c/qtspecs.

There is of course no active development taking place on the specs, but I do 
have a plan (somewhere on my TODO list) of one day publishing some unofficial 

Today (thanks to Carine Bournez), the issue tracker has been activated on the 
GitHub repository. So if you find errors in the specs, please capture them. 
Don't expect much to happen when you do, but at least the issues will be 
recorded if anyone ever decides to produce new versions of the specs, and there 
may be scope for reaching online consensus if there are any questions of 

There are also some open issues in the W3C Bugzilla archive, which I hope to 
transfer: see 
 in the case of XSLT 3.0

Note also that there are some draft XSLT 3.0 errata at 

Michael Kay
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