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Re: [xsl] How do I pass the mode as a string?

2020-03-04 10:44:12
On Wed, 2020-03-04 at 15:29 +0000, Piez, Wendell A. (Fed)
wendell(_dot_)piez(_at_)nist(_dot_)gov wrote:
Of course maintainability is very contingent ... I am not sure I'd
deploy XSLT-generating XSLT for a one-off either.

I'd probably be willing to take an external XSLT file and do
substitutions on the fly. That way the external file can be edited

Including the XSLT e,g, inside a variable also requires namespace
mangling or wrapping or use of xsl:element and starts to require more
engineering than is appropriate, i agree.

The XSLT 3 course i run includes a section on the rhetoric of
stylesheets and on thinking about who will be working with the
stylesheets you write.


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