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Re: [xsl] Parsing XPath in XSLT?

2020-03-25 13:01:08

XSLTForms 1.4 has its own XPath 1.0 parser written in XSLT 1.0 generating embedded _javascript_ object creations.

XSLTForms 1.5 will (very soon) come with an XQuery/XPath 3.1 parser written in _javascript_ generating embedded _javascript_ arrays which can easily be serialized in XQueryX notation.

Best regards,

Alain Couthures

XSL Friends,

What kinds of advice can you offer on the question of parsing XPath in XSLT?

I am currently having to interpret XPath or (more likely) an XPath
subset into an abstract representation that can be rewritten into
various forms. Naturally I would like to do this out of a parse tree
or the functional equivalent, represented in some sort of XML, since
serializing that back out is easy enough. It is producing that tree
that is a problem. I need a parser for XPath or if not for all of
XPath, then at least for my subset -- which includes namespaces. So
even if partial the model must expose names and namespaces to the
extent that a path rewriter can (for example) map into a new set of
namespace prefixes --

Any thoughts? Open source projects I should take a look at? Have the
community-standards initiatives captured any good work in this area?

Best regards,

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