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Re: [xsl] xsl:for-each-group help needed !

2020-09-19 14:24:14
"To owe" is certainly morally correct, although you don't owe me a beer in a legal sense (/ex contractu/).

Unfortunately I won't be in Amsterdam in October, and I'm pessimistic that there will be a physical XML Prague next year. This is particularly saddening as I had plans to celebrate my 50th birthday (Feb 12, 2021) on the social dinner evening, should they coincide.


On 18.09.2020 13:33, Christophe Marchand cmarchand(_at_)oxiane(_dot_)com wrote:
And that the expected behavior.

I owe you a beer ; perhaps in Amsterdam...

PS : I'm not sure "to owe" is the correct verb, but I'm sure you'll drink it !

Le 17/09/2020 à 18:22, Imsieke, Gerrit, le-tex gerrit(_dot_)imsieke(_at_)le-tex(_dot_)de a écrit :

On 17.09.2020 18:09, Martin Honnen martin(_dot_)honnen(_at_)gmx(_dot_)de wrote:

Why are i7 and i8 in a composite block?

I understood the requirement as a line breaking algorithm: Collect as many blocks as possible whose compound width does not exceed 100.

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