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Re: [xsl] Converting XML into ODT document to print as paper

2020-09-24 03:07:48
Am 24.09.2020 um 09:57 schrieb Manuel Souto Pico 

I would need to convert XML to something that has a fixed page layout
ready to print, like ODT/OOXML or PDF.

I know OOXML is complex, but since the final document needs to be
printed and keep the same layout, probably HTML output is not good for
this (I guess!).

What I need at the moment is just a quick and dirty proof of concept to
show that this conversion is feasible and not too difficult, to show it
to decision makers (I'm not a XSLT developer myself).

There are frameworks like https://transpect.github.io/ that should help,
you will need to transform your XML format to one of the supported ones
(e.e. Hub) and then use the provided stylesheeets to generate PDF or ODT.
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