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[xsl] Reminder: Declarative Amsterdam 2021, Call for Presentations

2021-07-08 08:01:25
On 4 and 5 November 2021, the third Declarative Amsterdam conference will take 
place at CWI, Science Park, Amsterdam.


The conference focuses on the technologies and methods used for declarative 
programming and declarative data.


Declarative programming

(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Declarative_programming) is a style of 
programming that expresses the logic of computation without describing its 
control flow. It allows you to focus on the 'what' of a program, rather than 
the 'how'. Declarative programs can be constructed in a fraction of the time, 
using much less code than a traditional computer program. Declarative methods 
for programming and data modelling can help avoid making the mistakes that have 
lead to failing software projects for several decades.


Declarative Amsterdam will have presentations on past experiences, current 
trends and future perspectives in fields such as functional programming, 
declarative data modelling, databases, XML and related technologies, JSON, CSS, 
semantic web, data science, data visualization, grammars, parsing, and 
domain-specific languages.


We anticipate by November that we will be able to hold the conference 
face-to-face, but either way, we are planning to broadcast live as well.


The first day will feature tutorials, combining presentations and hands-on 
sessions to give an introduction to specific topics.


The second day is a symposium, and will consist of shorter presentations. 
Speakers can discuss new ideas, frameworks, applications of declarative 
methods, and best practices.


Call for Presentations


We invite practitioners, software architects and engineers, academic 
researchers and others to submit a proposal for a tutorial or a presentation.


Tutorials can be between 1.5 and 2.5 hours, and preferably include hands-on 
sessions for participants. Presentations on the second day can be between 20 
and 45 minutes. We plan to create the possibility of online presentation via 


Proposals should at least include a title, duration and summary (90 -

200 words), but may also be a full paper. Speakers have the option of 
submitting a full paper or slides, to be published on the Declarative Amsterdam 

Please submit proposals here: 





Submission deadline: 31 July

Acceptance: Beginning of September

Conference: 4/5 November.


For papers and topics from previous years, see the website:

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