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[xsl] Got an XSLT function that does value intersection (not identity intersection)?

2021-07-08 08:19:47
Hi Folks,

I have an XML document that consists of <row> elements:


I want to eliminate duplicate rows.

The XPath intersect operator is appealing:

$document intersect $document

because intersect eliminates duplicates. Unfortunately, that doesn't work 
because row1 and row2 are "duplicates" only if they are the exact same <row> 
element, i.e., same identity.

I need an intersection operator that eliminates duplicates based on value. 
Since row[1] and row[3] above have the same elements with the same values, they 
are duplicates.

Do you have a function that does intersection based on value, not identity?  
Or, perhaps you recommend another way to eliminate duplicates?  

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