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Re: [xsl] Do you use Knuth's algorithms book to solve XML processing problems via XSLT?

2021-07-09 11:15:51

For example, recently I wrote an XSLT program to output information about 
each element (name, type, minOccurs, maxOccurs, facets) in all the files of 
an XML Schema. My program had to take into consideration complexTypes with 
complexContent, complexTypes with simpleContent, complexTypes with sequence, 
complexTypes with choice, complexTypes with sequence containing xs:any, etc. 
I looked at my finished program and thought, "What is the underlying 
algorithm? Is there something that I could have used from Knuth's books?" 

I'm sure you wrote a recursive tree-walking algorithm (it's pretty well 
unavoidable if you're processing XML with a recursive content model) and I 
suspect Knuth covers recursive tree-walking algorithms somewhere, but the 
concept is so deeply embedded in the psyche of every programmer, especially an 
XSLT programmer, that going back to see what Knuth said about it 50 years ago 
isn't going to yield any great enlightenment.

Michael Kay
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