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Re: the "~" operator (was Re: [xsl] Add id to next element)

2022-05-19 21:18:18
I'm not sure I want that ~ operator MORE than I want to be able to stuff 
XPath expressions into macros, but if there are votes, I would vote in favour 
of it.

Ahh yes, while we're casting imaginary votes, I want that macro feature too. :)

It is the feature I didn't know I wanted back when I asked this question:


I basically wanted to be able to define a complex XPath expression somewhere 
once, then reuse it here and there as needed.

In the end, I took Wendell and Eliot's advice to emulate a macro using a 
function and templates:


but a macro capability would certainly be much more elegant! The 
function/template approach works, but is verbosely verbose.

 - Chris
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