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Re: the "~" operator (was Re: [xsl] Add id to next element)

2022-05-23 08:41:10
On 23/05/2022 12:08, Chris Papademetrious christopher(_dot_)papademetrious(_at_)synopsys(_dot_)com wrote:
   <p outputclass="foo bar"/>
   <p outputclass="foo BAZ"/>
<xsl:template match="p">
       <xsl:attribute name="outputclass"
         select="tokenize(@outputclass, '\s+')
           => mine:add_value('BAZ')
           => distinct-values()
           => string-join(' ')"/>
       <xsl:apply-templates select="node()|(@* except @outputclass)"/>

With XSLT/XPath 3 there is a far more elegant and efficient method. Just add the following template:

   <xsl:template match="p/@outputclass[not(contains-token(.,'BAZ'))]>
        <xsl:attribute name="{name(.)}" select=". || ' BAZ'"/>

(see https://www.w3.org/TR/xpath-functions-31/#func-contains-token) and your template for p can merely be:

   <xsl:template match="p">
        <xsl:apply-templates select="@*,node()" mode="#current"/>

and if you're using

   <xsl:mode on-no-match="shallow-copy"/>

you won't even need the second template.

*John Lumley* MA PhD CEng FIEE
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