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The following is a list of Perl software that I have developed. All the software is distributed under the GNU General Public License and/or the Artistic License that comes with Perl, unless stated otherwise in the distribution bundle of each software item. Make sure to check the software itself to verify the conditions of distribution and usage.

Software Packages

Software packages contain a collection of related programs and/or modules/libraries.

Items marked with a [CPAN] denote the item is also available via CPAN at <URL:http://www.perl.com/CPAN/authors/id/EHOOD/>.

  DTDParse 2.00 Parse and process SGML and XML DTDs: Originally developed by Norman Walsh, I have taken over development and maintenance.
[CPAN] MHonArc 2.6.13 A mail-to-HTML converter
  mharc 0.7.3 Collection of scripts for generating and managing web-based searchable mail archives
[CPAN] man2html 3.0.1 A Unix manpage-to-HTML converter
[CPAN] perlSGML 1997Sep18 Collection of software tools for SGML processing

Modules and Libraries

  CfgFile Class for reading a program configuration file.
[CPAN] Proc::Daemon 0.02 Run Perl program as a daemon process.
  OSUtil Module to help Perl programs run on mulitple platforms.
[CPAN] SGML:: *.** Collection of SGML modules. Included in the perlSGML distribution.
::DTD0.02DTD parser
::EntMan0.01Entity manager
::FSI0.04Formal System Indentifiers
::ISO88590.01ISO 8859 character set routines
::Opt0.02Command-line option parsing
::Parser0.11Document instance parser
::SOCat0.02SGML Open Catalog parser
::StripParser0.01Remove tags from document instances
::Util0.04General utility routines
[CPAN] Text::Bind 0.04 Bind Perl structures to text files. Can be used to have HTML page templates for CGI programs. Allows data sites to be defined in a file which can be bound to strings, functions, filehandles, objects, or arrays.

Old Software

The following software is obsolete, no longer maintained, or has been superceded by newer software:

CGI::Page Superceded by Text::Bind: Class for supporting HTML page templates for CGI programs. Allows sites to be defined on a page which can be bound to strings, functions, filehandles, or objects.
Daemon Superceded by Proc::Daemon: Module to allow Perl programs run as a daemon process.
daemon.pl Run a Perl 4 program as a Unix deamon
edc2html A FrameBuilder Element Catalog documentation/navigation tool
hl2html Mosaic hotlist-to-HTML converter
htmltoc A Table of Contents generator for HTML documents
makehomeidx A Home Page indexer
mif.pl A Frame Maker Interchange Format (MIF) parser
sorthl Sort a Mosaic hotlist
uio.pl Perl (4) library containing user input/output routines

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