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Re: [dkim-ops] fixed

2006-06-09 10:43:26
Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
This is DIFFERENT from what I've seen in some of the domainkeys drafts, which state:

g = granularity of the key (the default of '' = all domain, which
        means that any left-hand-side of the @ is valid with this

Yes, DomainKeys and DKIM differ in this aspect.

Does this necessarily mean I should have to use a different key for dkim and domainkeys? Does the domainkeys spec understand *?

The value of "g" is optional in both I believe, so you could just leave it out altogether. Both default to "all users" (null string for DK, "*" for DKIM).

Oh, I see where I got it.  The INSTALL file in the dkim-milter tarball:

Damn. That's what I get for basing the DKIM documentation on the DK documentation. Fixed for the next release.
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