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Re: [dkim-ops] fixed

2006-06-08 23:16:55
On Thu, 8 Jun 2006, Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
Apologies for the horrid wrapping, but I'm not seeing the right header here:

There should still be an Authentication-Results header if it's failing, yes?

As coded right now, that header is added on failed verifications only if it got as far as deciding if the signature was both present and able to be verified. In this case the latter condition was not met so no header was added.

In particular, your published key record contains the tag "g=" with no value. According to base-02 (and in fact I think all of the DKIM drafts), that matches no users, so the key was used by an unauthorized user and thus the signature was to be ignored. dkim-filter therefore acted like there was no signature present.

If you change it to "g=*" (match all users, which is the default), you should get a result.
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