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[fetchmail] multi-drop

2003-04-21 03:06:27

The problem is the following:

FreeBSD 4.5, Sendmail in default installation.
Fetchmail 6.2.2

I'm trying to make a multidrop.

I have a "mymail.com" domain for example and all of the mail like
@mymail.com is transfering to multi(_at_)mail(_dot_)com

A conf file for fetchmail:

poll mail.com proto pop3
user multi pass "secret" to * here

Then i'm sending a test message to user(_at_)mymail(_dot_)com which is
transfering to multi(_at_)mail(_dot_)com mailbox successfully.
I've created an account on my local box with name "user".
But the message is sending to root with the following error
"recipient address user(_at_)mymail(_dot_)com didn't match any local name"

What can you say about it ?


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