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[fetchmail]fetchmail not retrieving all messages . . .

2005-10-08 03:26:27
Hello, list members:
Lately I've noticed an odd problem with fetchmail mail retrieval:
Fetchmail is not retrieving all of the messages available for retrieval
from the target mailserver.
It became especially apparent today when the invitation to join the
fetchmail-friends list sat in the mailserver queue for nearly seven
hours until I was doing some regular clean-up and noticed the invitation
message still in the server inbox.
By default, shouldn't fetchmail be retrieving *all* messages on the
The fetchmailrc file is a very simple, straightforward pop request set
to run every 60 seconds.
I'm running FreeBSD 5.4 and have recently updated my sendmail version to
8.13.4 but those stats shouldn't really matter, yes?
Has anyone else encountered this problem?
I've been reading over the fetchmail keep/nokeep options for starters
but would appreciate any information regarding this somewhat perplexing
Thanks in advance.
John Williams
E-mail: John(_dot_)Williams(_at_)seawindow(_dot_)com
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