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Re: [fetchmail]fetchmail not retrieving all messages . . .

2005-10-08 03:40:56
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On 08/10/05, John Williams <John(_dot_)Williams(_at_)seawindow(_dot_)com> wrote:

Fetchmail is not retrieving all of the messages available for retrieval from
the target mailserver.

It became especially apparent today when the invitation to join the
fetchmail-friends list sat in the mailserver queue for nearly seven hours
until I was doing some regular clean-up and noticed the invitation message
still in the server inbox.

By default, shouldn't fetchmail be retrieving *all* messages on the server?

All *UNREAD* messages.  Note that if something else marks the message
as read, unless you've enabled UIDL support fetchmail won't pull the

The fetchmailrc file is a very simple, straightforward pop request set to
run every 60 seconds.

Actual contents?  Note that some ISPs may view 60 seconds as abusive :)

I'm running FreeBSD 5.4 and have recently updated my sendmail version to
8.13.4 but those stats shouldn't really matter, yes?

The version of fetchmail however does!

Please also provide the output of "fetchmail -v -v -v" showing the problem.

As a reference, I run fetchmail ( from ports on FreeBSD 5.4
and don't see the problem you're describing.  That suggests that the
problem is related to your configuration, or your remote POP server.

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Rob MacGregor
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