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Re: lines, SMTP, ...

1991-05-10 14:29:29
All this talk about line warping brings up a question about the 1000
characters line limit in SMTP and RFC 822 headers.

I originally wrote a SMTP gateway for a PC LAN mail system to wrap the To: 
field to less than 1000 characters per physical line.  However, some SMTP 
implementations do not like this.  They require the To: field to be less than 
1000 characters after it is unfolded.  So now, the gateway generates multiple 
To: fields when the recipient list is too long.

May be I just didn't read RFC 821 and RFC 822 carefully enough, but
I couldn't find anything about whether the 1000 characters line limit
should be applied to RFC 822 headers before or after unfolding.  If
it is, can somebody point me to it.  If not, then may be some wording
can be put into the new rfc's to clarify this.



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