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Re: lines, SMTP, ...

1991-05-10 14:13:03

Thank you for all of your thoughtful replies to my earlier inquiry.
For the record, the implementation of the MTA is a Xerox TCP
Gateway Service which does not alter the content of the message
body when it translates its XNS mailnotes to SMTP mail and vice
versa.  As such, it passes on the characteristics of the UA which is
(for the most part) Xerox 6085 Professional Workstations running
Xerox Viewpoint 2.0.  This combination has provided long-line mail
in excess of 80 characters, which in turn has been a problem for some
of the platforms in our organization.  The points made about the
glass-TTY conceptual model, versus the more flexible resizable-window
conceptual model seem to be the heart of the issue.  It seems to
be more a display issue than a mail-transfer issue.  This would put
the emphasis on the UA, and whether it is sufficiently robust to
dynamically fold long-line mail that it may encounter to the width
of its own display terminal.
                        -- David 

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