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Re: Richmail

1991-05-31 10:36:10

Richmail is a bit removed from the issues that our WG was formed to discuss. 
I'm not saying that such discussion is inappropriate here, but I suspect that a
substantial number of the people on this list don't have much experience with
document representation.  There are lots of people out there who do have such
experience, however, and they might have some useful comments on richmail once
they see it.  On the other hand, I'm confident that your experience with the
Andrew Messaging System is sufficient to indicate that richmail, as you've
defined it, will work well.

I would therefore prefer that the richmail spec be published as a separate RFC,
released concurrently with RFC XXXX, with a pointer in RFC XXXX to the richmail
RFC.  My purposes in suggesting this are: (a) to disassociate any discussion
about richmail from RFC XXXX so as not to delay the promotion of the latter to
a standard, and (b) to allow that any further revisions to richmail, once its
RFC is released, do not cause confusion as to how such revisions affect RFC


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