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Re: Richmail

1991-05-31 20:00:03
Hello nathaniel -- Though I have been too (MUCH TOO) busy to read the
RFC or RICHMAIL, I do want to make two comments.

1.  I agree that it belongs in a separate RFC-rich, and that RFC-XXXX
should certainly have a regular way for things like RFC-rich to be
developed as extensions.

2.  I wold like (again) to challenge your choice of name.  RICHMAIL
should be RICHTEXT, since it is enriched text and not mail that is
inside the so labeled information object.

MAIL is something that involves putting something (one or more
information objects) inside an evelope for transfer and delivery, by
some some third party, to a recipient whose address is inscribed on
the outside of the envelope.

TEXT is something that you put in such enclosed information objects.

So, I would call it RICHTEXT and not RICHMAIL.  I hope you will too.

3.  This is one of the kinds of things that I had hoped would come of
all this when it started out in our WG 6.5 MMM work.


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