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re: checksums on open issues list

1991-11-09 08:20:03
On Fri, 8 Nov 1991 14:00:15 -0800 (PST) you said:
I believe that checksums on contents other than BASE64 are misguided and I
fully intend to ignore them.  If you want reliable data, use BASE64.  The
other encodings, *including* QUOTED-PRINTABLE, are not mechanisms for passing
reliable data.

Yes yes yes yes.... *Mandatory* checksums *inside* base-64 :
- stay there if the content is 'pasted' or saved elsewhere ;
- are always present, and always to be checked by an algorithm that's well
  documented and available on all systems ;
- can be designed to take record boundaries into account easily ;
- do not prevent anyone to *also* put an application level checksum elsewhere,
  using system specific algorithms if they like it so.


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