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Re: NETF and EUnet on mnemonic

1991-11-10 04:49:21

Dave asked for further documentation on the NETF and EUnet
decisions regarding mnemonics.

EUnet has also discussed mnemonic at its backbones meetings, and
has made a decision to install it at all its backbones (when possible).
I have at least minutes from the Copenhagen BB meeting 17/18 march 1991
saying this (these are confidential minutes).

I dont think that we should take ANY NOTICE att all to the EUnet. 
Since the minutes from the meetings are confidential. We can not
be sure whate their decision really was. This may be Kelds and some
other people in the EUnet opinions but is this the decision that they
have made. Please notice that I dont say that EUnet have made this
decision but my opinion is that we should NOT made our decision
on some confidential documents, that someone claims exists.

Sven-Ove Westberg, CAD, University of Lulea, S-951 87 Lulea, Sweden.
Internet: sow(_at_)cad(_dot_)luth(_dot_)se

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