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Re: PostScript (Was: Re: audio, checksums, and trojan horses)

1991-11-15 15:40:57
Jim is entirely correct -- in most cases the PostScript level is just about
the last thing you have to worry about. This is due to the simple fact that
Level 2 interpreters are hard to come by, and as a result people write
PostScript code that will work with either Level 1 or 2. Other information,
like whether or not a color display is needed to display the document
properly, are much more important. There are, however, no simple ways to
determine this information and extract it to a small sensible set of
attributes. The document structuring conventions are fairly complex (the
syntax is trivial, but there are lots of attributes plus order

A dummy application is not quite the right word for the thing that solves this
problem, incidentally. This gadget is c

alled a document manager, and it is
a fairly well-understood bit of PostScript-ware. Document managers are never
essential to the use of PostScript, but when choices between different devices
and whatnot must be made, they are essential, and indeed, the only way to