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Re: PostScript (Was: Re: audio, checksums, and trojan horses)

1991-11-16 09:04:01

| >This is already provided for in the PostScript Document Structuring 
| >Conventions. Specifically, a conformant level 2 document must include
| >the comment
| >
| >    %%LanguageLevel: 2

I was aware of this when originally asking for the level 1/2 subtyping.
The problem is that the needed utility to present a particular bodypart
should be able to be determined from the Content-Type -header field alone.
The MUA should not be expected to get content typing information from 
the bodypart itself in order to make the decision whether the capability
to present the data exists and if so how to do it. In this case there is
a big difference with PostScript Levels 1 and 2.

The same goes for all other stuff. The Content-Type header field has
to provide enough information that the correct viewing utility can be