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Comments on draft-ietf-822ext-msghead-01.txt

1991-12-16 11:30:59
While I know my job is principally to absorb other people's comments
about the bodies draft, I have a few comments on the headers draft,
which I've just sort of implemented:

1.  The last of the examples at the end is obsolete -- it uses "2" for
the charset.

2.  The last of the examples is also *incorrect*.  When my software
decodes it, I get:

[** ISO-8859-1 charset **] If you can read this yo
[** 2 charset **]  the example.

Now, the stuff in brackets is what my implementation curently spits out
at a character set change, but I suspect there is ALSO missing data
here.  At least, I'm pretty sure this isn't a bug in my decoder causing
this problem, but I could be wrong.

3.  As I read it, the only remaining difference between the "Q" encoding
and the Quoted-Printable encoding is the use of the underscore for
spaces.  Would it be a good idea to add this to the quoted-printable
encoding definition, so that they are really the same thing?

By the way, my implementaton now seems to handle this stuff right.  At
least, the examples in the text (Simonsen and Pirard) actually show up
on my screen with the right characters!

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