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PPS -- Re: Comments on draft-ietf-822ext-msghead-01.txt

1991-12-16 13:14:03
Ack!  My attempts to debug this algorithm are messed up still further by
the fact that your encoded version is still faulty.  In particular, your
NEW example says:

Subject: =?ISO-8859-1?B?SWYgeW91IGNhbiByZWFkIHRoaXMgeW8K?=

It turns out that the first variable encodes the following 30 characters:

If you can read this yo

Note that the 30th character is a newline!  That is your encoding
actually includes a newline after the final "yo".  It took me quite a
while to figure out that this was NOT a bug in my software.  I suggest
that you change it to:

Subject: =?ISO-8859-1?B?SWYgeW91IGNhbiByZWFkIHRoaXMgeW8=?=

At least this way, it doesn't produce a newline in the middle of its
output.  My software currently produces the following from it:

Subject: [** ISO-8859-1 charset **] If you can read this yo  u
understand the example.

(The above is all one line.)  I still don't know how to get the "you" to
be a single word, given the white space on the header line, unless you
add some rules about it.

Turns out your example is a GREAT test case -- slightly pathological and