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re: Portable eol's....

1991-12-23 10:59:22
On Mon, 23 Dec 91 11:19:09 +0100, Alain FONTAINE (Postmaster - UCL) wrote:
I am really sorry to bother you again with this subject... My previous
message was about the fact that, in my (maybe poor) understanding,
Quoted-Printable has the capability to separate records in a true out of
band way, while base64 cannot. This message only attrcted one answer, which
did not prove the contrary. Still not seeing the light...       /AF

OK, let me explain.

Quoted-Printable has the capability to separate *lines*, which *may* be
records for some people -- but are definitely *not* records for other people.
The latter category includes people who care very much about records.

If a recording structure is to exist in data transmitted in BASE64, it belongs
in a higher level than the 8->7 encoding.  BASE64 is an 8->7 encoding and
nothing more; nor should it be any more.

A bunch of data with `end of record' marks is inadequate for most people who
use record orientation, and meaningless to those who do not.  To satisfy the
needs of both camps, the stillborn capability is removed from BASE64.  If it
is reintroduced, it properly belongs as a subtype of application, which can
then interpret the binary data as it wishes.

Take a look at the FTP protocol specifications to learn how record-oriented
files are sent via TCP, which is essentially a stream protocol.

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