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re: Portable eol's....

1991-12-31 04:14:33
On Mon, 23 Dec 1991 09:53:52 -0800 (PST) you said:
OK, let me explain.

Quoted-Printable has the capability to separate *lines*, which *may* be
records for some people -- but are definitely *not* records for other people.
The latter category includes people who care very much about records.

Thanks for the tutorial. It does not include anything I did not know before,
but never mind....   What I am trying to do here is to point out that Q-P
currently has a capability that B64 has not. If someone who likes records, but
does not love them (is that the distinction ?), sends you :

burp=0D=0Athe end

there is no way to reincode it in B64 without losing some information.
Q-P and B64, on the other hand, were supposed to have the same capabilities,
so one can choose freely. This is currently not the case !!!!!

So I am not saying that some form for external record separation should be
reintroduced into B64. I am trying to draw some attention on an inconsistency
in the MIME spec.

BTW : the (technical, not condescending) reply by Keith Moore does offer
a way to fix the trouble.

Happy New Year nevertheless.....                              /AF

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