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Re: Comments on RFC-CHAR

1992-01-01 19:21:27
I think it is time for this group to get started on serious review of 
Hence this message... I had refrained from posting many comments about 
previously because I was uncertain of its status. I am still uncertain of its
status, but this general silence seems to have been taken as a sign that there
are no problems with RFC-CHAR. This is very far from true, at least as far as
I'm concerned.

The earlier you give your comments, the earlier we can have things

I will return with comments on Neds technical concerns.

(5) The current draft of RFC-CHAR (Decmember 5th) does not seem to be
    available from the drafts repository. It has been out for almost a month
    now... Does this mean the current draft has not been accepted as an
    Internet draft? I got my copy from Keld's system directly. How many people
    have reviewed the current draft, given its limited availability?

Well, I just checked it, it is at least available from
as internet-drafts/draft-ietf-822ext-charsets-01.txt  , dated 17 dec.
Which internet-drafts official repository did not have that draft?


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