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FYI: more details on Vietnamese mnemonics

1992-04-02 08:03:18

  It was suggested that I provide more details on the existing common
Vietnamese mnemonic usage so that people on this list could get a
better understanding of what the existing practice is and we could
work from a specific example.

  Towards that end, I am appending (1) a posting from someone else to
soc.culture.vietnamese that is a good real world example of the usage
and (2) an excerpt from the Frequently Asked Questions posting to
soc.culture.vietnamese that explains the usage in a bit more detail
using the Vietnamese proper names for the tone marks and such.

  The letters "dd" (or "-d") are used to represent a roman base
character consonant that is as far as I know unique to Vietnamese.  It
is similar to the Icelandic Eth, but not quite the same glyph.  Also,
the "+" represents a horn-shaped extension to the base letter in the
upper right part of the base letter.  (These glyph descriptions I'm
doing are very rough -- it is hard to explain without writing them

  It is my belief that Keld's work could be adapted to support this
kind of mnemonic either as a separate profile for Vietnamese using a
common mechanism from a revised rfc-mnem or that the approach below
could be extended to support all of the European language needs in the
same manner.  For example, o-umlaut might be encoded as "o:" or the
more usual "oe" (this is just an example and I think the German
speakers should be directly consulted on what they find readable :-).


 From: tcn1(_at_)cec1(_dot_)wsutl(_dot_)edu (tcn)
 Newsgroups: soc.culture.vietnamese
 Subject: [LIT]  Mo^~i tua^`n mo^.t chuye^.n
 Date: 28 Mar 92 18:44:47 GMT

                        Ra('n Vuo^ng

Xu+a kia o+? mo^.t vu`ng no^ng tho^n he?o la'nh no., co' mo^.t thie^'u
phu. goa' cho^`ng va` mo^.t ngu+o+`i con nho?.  Ca?nh ddo+`i ddu+a dda^?y
bie^'t bao la` no^?i kho^? dda~ dde^'n vo+'i ngu+o+`i me., nhu+ng ba` 
la.i ra^'t ye^u qui' ddu+'a con cu?a mi`nh.  Ta^m nguye^.n cua? ngu+o+`i
me. la` se~ ta?o ta^`n khuya so+'m dde^? nuo^i con mi`nh ddi ho.c, tha`nh
ta`i dde^? ddo^. ta^'m tha^n.

Nga`y nga`y ngu+o+`i me. ga'nh ha`ng ddi ba'n so+'m, ta?o ta^`n da`nh du.m
chu't tie^`n va` ba?o ngu+o+`i con lu'c a^'y dda~ dde^'n tuo^?i ddi ho.c,
mang tie^`n dde^'n nha` cu. ddo^` dda^`u la`ng ma` xin ho.c.  Ngu+o+`i con
da. va^ng, cu+' mo^~i sa'ng tinh su+o+ng ngu+o+`i me. ro+`i nha` kie^'m
ke^' sinh nhai, ngu+o+`i con cu~ng ro+`i nha` ddi ho.c.  Hai ngu+o+`i chi?
ga(.p nhau mo^~i ddo^. chie^`u ta` sau mo^.t nga`y me^.t nho.c.

Tho+`i gian tha('m thoa't tro^i, ngu+o+`i me. ra^'t la^'y la`m ha`i lo`ng
vi` ngu+o+`i con hie^'u tha?o, bie^'t lo cho me. nhu+~ng bu+a co+m chie^`u
va` ra^'t la` chu dda'o vo+'i vie^.c nha` cu+?a.  Ro^`i mo^.t ho^m, muo^'n
bie^'t con mi`nh a(n ho.c ra sao, ngu+o+`i me. mo+'i ho?i con ra(`ng:

    Vie^.c ho.c ba^'y la^u cu?a con ra sao ro^`i!  Ho^m nay dda~ ho.c
    nhu+~ng gi`?

Ngu+o+`i con im la(.ng trong gia^y la't va` thu+a:

    Thu+a me., ho^m nay con kho^ng co' ddi ho.c!

Ra^'t la^'y la`m nga.c nhie^n, nhu+ng tin con, ngu+o+`i me. la.i ho?i ly'
do vi` sao.  Ngu+o+`i con mo+'i tra? lo+`i:

    Ho^m nay tre^n ddu+o+`ng ddi ho.c con ga(.p mo^.t con ra('n da`i cha(.n
    ngang, tha^n no' lo+'n chu+`ng mo^.t thu+o+'c ta^y va^.y ne^n con ho^ng
    the^? na`o bu+o+'c qua ddu+o+.c.       

Ngu+o+`i me. ra^'t la^'y la`m la. vi` tha^'y con mi`nh cha(?ng bao gio+` no'i
chuye^.n nhu+ the^' bao gio+` ne^n ho?i tie^'p:

    The^' con ra('n ddo' da`i chu+`ng bao nhie^n va^.y ho+? con!

    Thu+a, chu+`ng na(m thu+o+'c ta^y ddo' me. a.!  Ngu+o+`i con dda'p.

    Me. chu+a bao gio+` nghe no'i la`ng ta co' ra('n to nhu+ va^.y dda^u
    con, co' le~ con dda~ nhi`n la^`m ro^`i!  Me. o^n to^`n ba?o.

    Va^ng, co' le~ chu+`ng ba thu+o+'c tho^i, me a.!

    The^' cu~ng co`n ra^'t la` da`i ddo' con!

    O^`, cha(?ng khoa?ng mo^.t thu+o+'c tho^i, con nho+' ra ro^`i!

Ba^'y chu+` ngu+o+`i me. mo+'i ba?o ngu+o+`i con ra(`ng, "Con o+i, sao
con la.i no+~ da^'u me. ddie^`u chi ddo'...tre^n ddo+`i na`y cha(?ng
co' ra('n na`o la.i vuo^ng vu+'c ngang mo^.t thu+o+'c, da`i mo^.t thu+o+'c
dda^u con!"

Ngu+`o+`i con lu'c a^'y mo+'i oa` kho'c ma` ra(`ng: "Thu+.c ra con cha(?ng
bao gio+` ddi dde^'n tha^`y ddo^` ma` ho.c ca?...."

Sao ddo' ngu+o+`i con mo+'i no'i tha^.t cho me. ra(`ng trong suo^'t tho+`i
gian qua, lu'c me. ddi la`m khuya so+'m, ngu+o+`i con cu~ng da`nh ca? tho+`i
gio+` ddi que't do.n nha` ngu+o+`i, mong muo^'n da`nh du.m mo^.t so^' tie^`n
cho me. mi`nh ta^.u mo^.t ma?nh dda^'t dde^? hai me. con chung so^'ng an
vui.  Ngu+o+`i me. hie^?u ta^m su+. ngu+o+`i con hie^'u tha?o ma` kho^ng
sao ca^`m ddu+o+.c nu+o+'c ma('t.  Ngu+o+`i con tha^'y me. ddau lo`ng nhu+
va^.y ne^n tu+. hu+'a ma~i ve^` sau se~ nghe lo+`i me. ba?o, cha(m lo
ho.c ha`nh.

Tha('m thoa't ma^'y xua^n qua, ngu+o+`i me. lao kho^? dda`nh ddu.m i't
tie^`n nuo^i con a(n ho.c.  Ngu+o+`i con vi` sie^ng na(ng ca^`n ma^~n ne^n
ddo^~ dda.t ngay trong ky` thi dda^`u.  Tu+` ddo', ngu+o+`i con he^'t lo`ng
hie^'u tha?o, cha(m so'c me. gia` vo+'i ddo^`ng tie^`n ma` ngu+o+`i me.
dda~ cho a(n ho.c.  Tuy cha(?ng gia`u sang cho la('m, ma` me. con he^'t
su+'c thu+o+ng ye^u nhau va^.y.  Trong mo^.t lu'c nghi~ la.i, ngu+o+`i con
he^'t su+'c nho+' o+n me. dda~ chi? da.y cho, va` tu+` ddo' cha(?ng bao
gio+` da^'u me. ddie^`u chi ca?.

                 Ti`nh thu+o+ng cao ca? bie^'t bao
             Xin ha~y no'i tha(?ng va` trao tha^.t lo`ng 
                 Ne^'u thu+o+ng a^'p u'ng lo`ng do`ng
             Ha.i ngu+o+`i ha.i ca? dda'm ddo^ng kho^ng chu+`ng!

  From: hho(_at_)usc(_dot_)edu (Hung P. Ho)
  Newsgroups: soc.culture.vietnamese
  Subject: [ADMIN] Frequently Asked Question for SCV (revised)
  Message-ID: <ktjplqINNm46(_at_)aludra(_dot_)usc(_dot_)edu>
  Date: 1 Apr 92 16:37:14 GMT

[material deleted for brevity]

   Not everyone has workstation to display Vietnamese marks on top of the 
   words. The following is a customary way of representing the marks in the 
   text. Originated and evolved over the years on Viet-net, there is software
   available that will process these diacritical marks for printing on laser
   and dot matrix, or display on screen.

     sa('c:        '      -+    la'                     single quote
     huye^`n:      `       |    ma`                     inverse of above
     ho?i:         ?       |    tu?                     question mark
     nga~:         ~       |--- na~                     tilda
     na(.ng:       .       |    da.                     period
     da^'u mu?:    ^      -+    mo?                     
     da^'u a':     a(         a(n uo^'ng    
     da^'u mo'c:   u+ o+      tu+ tu+o+?ng
     dde^:         dd         dda? dda?o

  diacritical marks always follow the vowels immediately:  

        ta' tu'c    NOT   t'a t'uc
        ta^'n to+'i NOT   ta^n' to+i'     so on .....
[rest deleted here for brevity]

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